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TotalGrow Light Spectrum

Photonic Distribution Plot for TotalGrow's Broad Grow Spectrum
Summary of the Impacts of Photons of Various Wavelengths/Colors on Plants
TotalGrow’s Solid State Volumetric mixing of light has significant advantages:
  • Provides optimal light in the spectra that plants need most for efficient and healthy growth.
  • Incredible uniformity of light distribution over the plant grow area, eliminating hot and cold spots that inhibit uniform growth.
  • Designed to produce much better plant growth while using less wattage than competitive technologies.
  • Environmentally friendly Solid State Lighting Technology. (No heavy metal vapors, HAZMAT materials or neuro-toxins).
  • Contains no moving parts to eliminate noise vibration and maintenance.

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High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Comparison Button Fluorescent Light Spectrum's Photonic Distribution
  • Fluorescent lamps are generally limited by relatively low photonic outputs requiring many units and a large amount of fixture space to achieve high light levels for plant growth.
  • Frequently generate disappointment due to short life spans in growing environments.
  • Contain relatively large amounts of mercury, a potential neurotoxin (even greater than High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lights).
Fluorescent Light Bulb

Fluorescent Lights are optimized for human vision, not plant growth,
and contain mercury, a potential neurotoxin.

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