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Photonic Distribution Plot for TotalGrow's Broad Grow Spectrum
Summary of the Impacts of Photons of Various Wavelengths/Colors on Plants
TotalGrow’s Solid State Volumetric mixing of light has significant advantages:
  • Provides optimal light in the spectra that plants need most for efficient and healthy growth.
  • Incredible uniformity of light distribution over the plant grow area, eliminating hot and cold spots that inhibit uniform growth.
  • Designed to produce much better plant growth while using less wattage than competitive technologies.
  • Environmentally friendly Solid State Lighting Technology. (No heavy metal vapors, HAZMAT materials or neuro-toxins).
  • Contains no moving parts to eliminate noise vibration and maintenance.

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High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Comparison Button Typical LED Grow Light Spectrum's Photonic Distribution
  • Typical LEDs emit light in a very narrow bandwidth, while plants desire broad bandwidths of light for optimal growth.
  • Multiple colors of directional LED lights cannot achieve a uniform color distribution, creating areas in the plant growing area with higher levels of either blue or red lighting.
  • Narrow bandwidth of the red light output severely limits the growth potential of the plant which requires a much broader range of red for healthy growth.
  • Difficult and expensive to assemble the necessary collection of individual LED lights to generate the desired or a productive light spectrum.
  • Most LEDs produce virtually no light output in the critical far red region above 700nm.
  • LEDs emit highly directional light that is virtually impossible to distribute uniformly over a growing area to avoid hot and cold spots.
Example of Typical LED Grow Lights with Isolated LEDs Representation of Color Separation with Typical LED Grow Lights

LEDs emit wavelengths of light
too narrow for ideal plant growth.

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