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Commercial LED Grow Light Experts Since 2012

No-hype knowledge and support

For the last 10 years we have approached lighting with a scientific mindset, from the plant’s perspective, balanced by the “real” understanding of the customer’s expectations and needs.

By utilizing the most cutting-edge science and personalizing our lighting recommendations for each customer, we have been able to grow our expertise through solving problems for a wide variety of lighting users.

We have a vast network of growers to draw experience from and an exceptional breadth of lighting tools and techniques to utilize when approaching each new lighting puzzle to be solved. 



Supporting growers and their plants to create the best commercial lighting solutions in the most efficient, personalized, cost-effective way possible.

We engineer state-of-the-art horticultural LED lights that are efficient, versatile, energy-saving, and provide boosts to productivity while remaining low maintenance and cost-effective. Where we really pull ahead of the competition is our guidance and expertise in creating the optimal solution for virtually any lighting need.


TotalGrow Lights is a trailblazer in the world of commercial LED grow lights. With patented techniques to control light spectra and output patterns, we have been able to truly design our lighting solutions around the needs of plants and growers without the limitations of typical LED solutions.

We were leaders in creating the field of LED lighting.

Now we advance horticultural lighting science with continued innovation.

Growers were rightfully hesitant to make quick changes and adopt LEDs, but repeated demonstrations of the benefits of superior lighting and consistent improvements to our solutions has earned widespread trust and adoption.

We do not just sell lights. We become your grow partner for life. 


our promise

We work collaboratively with you to guide you to optimal solutions using innovative technology for trust-worthy, long-term results

We are proven leaders in the LED-based commercial LED grow lighting systems design field. You can trust us to thoroughly investigate your operation and develop a detailed lighting plan to optimize your lighting system for greater growth!

With TotalGrow Lights you get no-hype knowledge and support, timely service and attention, and a collaborative partner that is current with the latest research to help you take advantage of advances in the lighting technology world.

values we stand for


Going above and beyond in creating great products and giving superior service.


We don’t prescribe a one size fits all solution; we work with you to create personalized solutions, so we are always growing together.


We guide growers to solutions to help your business excel, not making suggestions based on maximizing our own profits.


Continually seeking to expand our knowledge and expertise by advancing the field with cutting-edge technologies and techniques.

Get to know the team behind Totalgrow

“My role at TotalGrow Lights has evolved over the past 12 years. Initially centered on conducting research and working with growers and universities on the growth impacts of LED lights on plants. It now encompasses the entire spectrum of LED lighting from concept to implementation, focusing on the synergy of all components.

When LED lighting emerged—about the same time I entered the industry—lighting options with economic viability were limited. There were no college classes on horticultural lighting; it took a lot of trial and error to learn the best practices and optimal spectra to produce robust growth.

Through continuous commitment to advancing the science behind this technology, I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge that helps set TotalGrow apart from many competitors. Since our company’s inception, we’ve worked with over 1000 clients, providing customized solutions and support every step of the way. We ensure customers receive great products at great prices and feel genuinely heard and understood. We explore the goals and details of the project at their own pace, making them feel trusted and excited about the process. I take pride in engaging with our customers beyond just lighting, fostering a partnership attitude rather than just selling something.

Growers and ag business partners frequently express gratitude at how I delve into the minutiae, meticulously examining details, and analyzing data. This allows me to uncover insights and help solve problems. One of my strengths is finding ways to lower customer costs by maximizing utility incentives. I’ve established strong relationships with utility companies and contributed to developing the metrics they use to qualify lights for rebates.

One of many examples is a New York client who needed assistance with both lighting strategizing and exploring a particularly complex utility incentive program with multiple limiting factors. But by carefully examining the data, I determined the best approach to ensure they didn’t risk losing power or efficiency and could maximize their incentives. Other lighting companies can’t match our willingness to dig into the details and plan the best lighting set-up that saves the most money. I am excited to continue building strong connections through my work with TotalGrow and lighting the way for new innovations.”

My background lends itself to the relationships I’m able to build. I know many of our truckers and growers by first name. Our relationships are genuine, and it never feels like a customer service call, rather a call to a friend. I’ll put the same energy into a two-light sale as I will for a three-hundred-plus light sale. Once, I spent twelve hours researching lavender to help an eighth-grade teacher become a lavender specialist. Another time a customer was short-staffed, I jumped in and helped with the installation. I am passionate about finding the best solutions for customers that also benefit the plants, and I’ll never hesitate to help in any way that I can.

It’s funny; this job is so multi-faceted that when I first started, Jeff (our Director of Lighting Science & Products) warned me, ‘You will be a biologist first, then a lighting specialist, and then an electrical engineer.’ Ultimately that’s the best way to understand the science behind what makes the lights light up and what makes the plants grow. And I really just want to help people grow the best plants possible.”


“I take pride in engaging with our customers beyond just lighting, fostering a partnership attitude rather than just selling something.”

Jeff Mastin is a Biologist and our esteemed Director of Lighting Science & Products. Graduating Summa cum laude with a BA in Biology, Religion, and Environmental Science, Jeff brings a blend of scientific expertise and business know-how to his role. He has been a driving force behind our research, development, and sales and marketing strategies.

Jeff is thoroughly steeped in all aspects of the horticultural market, including developing innovative LED-based lighting and overseeing supply chain management to bring quality, cost-effective lights to our customers. Jeff’s strong connections with customers, research institutions, and utility companies further enhance TotalGrow Light’s position as a small but mighty leader in horticultural lighting.

We have worked with over 1000 clients, providing customized solutions & support.


“I’ll put the same energy into a two-light sale as I will for a three-hundred-plus light sale.”

Jake Bird, our dynamic Customer Service Manager at TotalGrow Lights, is a true multi-tasker. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Pre-Medicine and Industrial Chemistry, Jake brings diverse skills to the team. Before joining TotalGrow in 2021, Jake spent a decade in Emergency Medicine and two years gaining valuable insights into industrial chemistry and plant cultivation in the cannabis industry.

While his primary responsibilities at TotalGrow involve inventory management and shipping and receiving logistics, Jake’s contributions extend beyond operations. He actively shapes our marketing strategies and ensures exceptional customer service. Jake’s outgoing and caring nature distinguishes him as a standout team member.

“Before I joined the TotalGrow team, I spent over a decade working in emergency medicine and that shaped me into the man I am today. Working in crisis situations gave me a strong sense of empathy toward growers facing their own emergencies. I’m comfortable helping them triage those situations and getting them back up and running with whatever I can do or any connections to other individuals I can share.

At TotalGrow I wear many hats. Every day is a new and exciting challenge where I learn about new biology, physics, technology, and crop steering methods to help growers maximize their harvests. Even though we are a specialized horticultural lighting industry, the things we learn, and can share, change daily.

When I’m not managing inventory, you can find me on my phone, computer, or out on the road. I often check in with growers to see how their plants are doing or follow up on potential leads. And then in my spare time, I’m geeking out on the intricacies of integrated control systems.

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farms Pay for LEDs with Utility Incentives

You can find a lot of companies just selling lights

Not us, we stand out by becoming your grow partner. Your success is our success and we work to provide lighting plans that provide significant boosts to productivity and revenue.

It’s our expertise to dig deep into the nuances of the situation to find every opportunity to help the grower.

This includes researching and facilitating utility incentive programs, evaluating end goals and unique constraints against a grow environment layout to find overlooked opportunities to increase productivity or reduce costs, and making sure growers are not missing opportunities to improve their overall approach by adjusting a related environmental variable.

We explore all angles to optimize a solution including considering multi-tiered growing, improved room reflectivity, higher/lower-powered lights, alternative light positioning/scheduling, etc.

We provide comprehensive support to make the implementation of our LED’s seamless. From our first chat to tracking your energy savings, we are your commercial LED grow light experts.