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Pioneering The Field of Horticultural Lighting Since 2012

No-hype knowledge and support

For the last 10 years we have approached lighting with a scientific mindset, from the plant’s perspective, balanced by the “real” understanding of the customer’s expectations and needs.

By utilizing the most cutting-edge science and personalizing our lighting recommendations for each customer, we have been able to grow our expertise through solving problems for a wide variety of lighting users.

We have a vast network of growers to draw experience from and an exceptional breadth of lighting tools and techniques to utilize when approaching each new lighting puzzle to be solved.


Supporting growers and their plants to create the best horticultural lighting solutions in the most efficient, personalized, cost-effective way possible.

We engineer state-of-the-art horticultural LED lights that are efficient, versatile, energy-saving, and provide boosts to productivity while remaining low maintenance and cost-effective. Where we really pull ahead of the competition is our guidance and expertise in creating the optimal solution for virtually any lighting need.


TotalGrow Lights is a trailblazer in the world of horticultural lighting. With patented techniques to control light spectra and output patterns, we have been able to truly design our lighting solutions around the needs of plants and growers without the limitations of typical LED solutions.

We were leaders in creating the field of LED lighting.

Now we advance horticultural lighting science with continued innovation.

Growers were rightfully hesitant to make quick changes and adopt LEDs, but repeated demonstrations of the benefits of superior lighting and consistent improvements to our solutions has earned widespread trust and adoption.

We do not just sell lights. We become your grow partner for life.

our promise

We work collaboratively with you to guide you to optimal solutions using innovative technology for trust-worthy, long-term results

We are proven leaders in the LED-based horticultural lighting systems design field. You can trust us to thoroughly investigate your operation and develop a detailed lighting plan to optimize your lighting system for greater growth!

With TotalGrow Lights you get no-hype knowledge and support, timely service and attention, and a collaborative partner that is current with the latest research to help you take advantage of advances in the lighting technology world.

values we stand for


Going above and beyond in creating great products and giving superior service.


We don’t prescribe a one size fits all solution; we work with you to create personalized solutions, so we are always growing together.


We guide growers to solutions to help your business excel, not making suggestions based on maximizing our own profits.


Continually seeking to expand our knowledge and expertise by advancing the field with cutting-edge technologies and techniques.

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farms Pay for LEDs with Utility Incentives

You can find a lot of companies just selling lights

Not us, we stand out by becoming your grow partner. Your success is our success and we work to provide lighting plans that provide significant boosts to productivity and revenue.

It’s our expertise to dig deep into the nuances of the situation to find every opportunity to help the grower.

This includes researching and facilitating utility incentive programs, evaluating end goals and unique constraints against a grow environment layout to find overlooked opportunities to increase productivity or reduce costs, and making sure growers are not missing opportunities to improve their overall approach by adjusting a related environmental variable.

We explore all angles to optimize a solution including considering multi-tiered growing, improved room reflectivity, higher/lower-powered lights, alternative light positioning/scheduling, etc.

We provide comprehensive support to make the implementation of our LED’s seamless. From our first chat to tracking your energy savings, we are here to guide you.