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Horticultural Solid State Volumetric Lighting

There is a humbling complexity to nature. Trying to understand and draw out its inherent magnificence into technologies that advance the state of the art is not easy. But it is our passion.

The TotalGrow team at Venntis Technologies is a sundry group. Our backgrounds vary from technology, electronics, physics, biology and manufacturing process. We are passionate do-it-yourselfers, fixers, farmers, scouts, musicians, artisans who understand that in nature and science our role is to learn, apply what we learn, and then stand back and say 'wow' at the beauty and complexity (yet too, the simplicity) of what we uncover.

Since 2012 Venntis has been developing novel and patented horticultural LED lighting technologies to meet the needs and opportunities of growers. We have conducted research, worked with universities, read countless studies, tested, argued, adjusted, retested and repeated to produce an ever-improving collection of horticultural lighting products, and we are far from done.

Every grow operation and every grower is unique. We take pride in serving each unique situation with personalized recommendations and plans supported by our complete range of products and extensive experience. We will ensure that the best possible solution is utilized to maximize your investments and optimize your production. Partnerships with other equipment suppliers, utility incentive providers, and researchers support wholistic solutions. Our customers attest to our commitment to long-term service of these long-lasting, energy efficient, reliable solutions.

There is and will likely always be a healthy dose of wonderment to our art, but our commitment is simple: TotalGrow.

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TotalGrow is a wholly-owned brand of Venntis Technologies.

TotalGrow SSVL Light Technology Driving Broad Grow Spectrum Lighting, with Hydroponic Lettuce Production Shown

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