From LED Incentives to Innovation

Key Lighting Takeaways from TotalGrow’s 2023

  • $1.1 Million in savings: Growers received approximately $1 million in incentives, led by the innovative HI-Top 660W.
  • 100+ partnerships: We empowered over 100 growers with personalized guidance.
  • Cannabis cultivation gains: With a stabilizing market, exciting opportunities are [re]sprouting in cannabis lighting.
  • Early bird incentives: Seize bonus programs for proactive growers.
  • Embrace the future: LED incentives may wane, so invest in future-proof solutions now.

Here at TotalGrow, we’re passionate about empowering cultivators of all kinds. Looking back at 2023, we’re thrilled to share some key highlights that showcase our commitment to innovative solutions, maximized savings, and close collaboration with growers.

When incentives were available, growers on average received an impressive 50% cost coverage on their TotalGrow equipment. This financial boost wasn’t just for a select few – a remarkable 66% of our sales by value benefited from some level of incentive, solidifying them as a game-changer in growers’ financial strategies. The impact was tangible: 60% of what customers spent on TotalGrow lights came back to them in utility incentives, illuminating a brighter financial future for their endeavors.

Shining a Light on Savings

  • $1 Million in MI Rebates: Our customers unlocked a staggering $1 million in incentives from Consumers Energy in 2023, covering an average of 90-100% of their equipment costs! This impressive achievement is largely attributed to the innovative HI-Top 660W light, specifically designed to maximize incentive potential.
    • This came from more than 3000 units of the HI-Top light bars to more than 50 different growers.
    • About 75% of all HI-Top LEDs sold were for Consumers Energy projects.
    • The other two big recipients of HI-Tops were NC State University and Osage Nation who we’ve been working with on plans and past projects for years. No incentives were available for them, but NC State’s energy efficiency grants played an important role.
  • Beyond Consumers Energy: Our reach extends beyond one incentive program. We helped growers secure an additional $100,000+ in incentives across various programs, ensuring significant savings for projects where incentives were available.

Empowering Partnerships

In 2023, we took pride in directly supporting over 100 growers on their unique cultivation journeys. From personalized feedback and expert guidance to navigating valuable incentives, we were there to help them succeed

Our reach extends beyond these direct partnerships. Through our network of trusted resellers, we indirectly supported countless others, illuminating diverse growing spaces – from sprawling greenhouses to controlled indoor environments, and catering to operations of all scales. With our diverse portfolio of lights, we ensured every grower had the perfect solution to bring their vision to life.

Top Lighting Champions

  • HI-Tops Reign Supreme: These versatile powerhouses accounted for 50% of lights sold, cementing their place as a grower favorite.
  • Pure Flowering Power: Delivering targeted light for optimal control of the timing of flowering, Pure Flowering Lamps claimed 25% of sales.
  • Mezzos Adaptability Shines: Efficient mid-power options, Mezzos held 15% of the market, proving their value in diverse applications.

Stratums Climb the Charts: Compact and efficient, in 2023 we had new Stratums options join the family and Stratums captured 10% of sales, offering targeted lighting in space-conscious setups.

Looking Ahead: A Brighter Future

  • Continued Savings Opportunities: 2024 largely mirrors 2023’s incentive programs, offering substantial savings potential.
  • HI-Top Momentum: We anticipate an even greater adoption of Consumers Energy-friendly HI-Tops as planned electrical upgrades materialize.
  • Cannabis Cultivation Blooms: With a stabilizing market and customer plans in place, we expect an uptick in cannabis lighting projects.
  • Early Bird Incentives: Seize the initiative and maximize savings with early bird bonuses offered by some programs.
  • Invest in the Future: LED incentives may dwindle, making 2024 a prime time to embrace future-proof solutions. NY State has legislated an end to their LED incentives in 2026, but utilities have increased incentives to help finish this season well. Let us help you take advantage while you can!

Join the TotalGrow Journey

We invite you to partner with TotalGrow on your cultivation journey. Our commitment lies in providing innovative solutions, personalized guidance, and access to valuable incentives. Together, let’s illuminate your path to success. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and embark on a brighter future, together.


Q: How can I benefit from TotalGrow’s expertise?

A: We offer personalized consultations, guidance on choosing the right lighting solutions, and assistance in unlocking valuable incentives, all for free. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

Q: What incentives are available in my region?

A: Incentive programs vary by location. We stay updated on current offerings and can help you navigate the landscape to maximize your savings.

Q: Are TotalGrow’s lights right for my growing space?

A: Our diverse portfolio caters to various applications. Reach out for a personalized recommendation based on your unique needs and goals.

Jeff Mastin

Director of Lighting Science & Products

For over 12 years, TotalGrow has empowered growers to achieve their full potential. More than just selling lights, Biologist Jeff Mastin crafts customized lighting strategies through data-driven solutions and partnerships with growers, research institutions, and utility companies. This commitment to innovation and partnership ensures TotalGrow clients maximize results and enjoy significant savings. Over 1000 growers have trusted TotalGrow to illuminate their path to success with the latest technology and expert guidance.