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The TotalGrow Pure Flowering 200 Lamp exclusively produces the precise light spectrum needed to ensure the triggering of long-day responses in plants without attracting insects: up to 200 square feet per 17W light.

Long-day plants like petunias and tuberous begonias will flower early and thoroughly.

Short-day crops like hemp/cannabis and mums will remain vegetative.

TotalGrow Socketed cords matching any setup make installation simple and low-cost.

Product Details

Specifications Table

Model Pure Flowering 200 Lamp
Effect Long-Day Responses
Spectrum Red + Far-Red
Power 17W
Output 37 µmol/s
Efficacy 2.2 µmol/J
Diameter x Height 4.9” x 5.2”
Weight 14 ounces
Typical Small-Crop Coverage Up to 15’ x 15’ @7-10’ high
Typical Large-Crop Coverage

Up to 10’ x 10’ @5-10’ high

Voltage 100-240V, 50-60 Hz
Waterproof IP65
Certifications ETL
Lifetime 50,000+ hours
Warranty 5 years


Contact us to discuss your unique set of goals, setup details, challenges, opportunities and questions and receive the ideal configuration of lights, power & control accessories, and incentive assistance. This includes custom light dimensions, spectra, powers, efficacies, and features when standard solutions are not the best fit.

Product highlights

Universally effective photoperiodic spectrum: any crop, any environment
Reduce over 90% of energy compared to HPS or incandescent
Drastic electrical infrastructure savings
Waterproof, rugged aluminum & glass structure for the longest lifespans
TotalGrow Socketed Cords for simple, cost effective installation
Consistent flowering and growth control


Every application is unique, and our lighting experts will gladly provide you with a detailed, custom light plan based on your crops, location, facility, utility incentives, budget, and other factors. General approaches include:

Floriculture Greenhouses

15 foot centers between lights at heights of 7’ or greater with night interruption or daylength extension lighting schedules trigger long-day responses in any photoperiodically-sensitive crop

Larger Greenhouse/Outdoor Crops

Larger, more dense crops should be lit with tighter lamp spacing, including lights positioned near edges to illuminate all plant surfaces

What our customers say

One Partner In My Cannabis Facility Build that Went Smoothly

TotalGrow Lights is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. A lot of other companies you're dealing with one of their retailers or one of their wholesalers, with TotalGrow you're dealing with the lighting experts of the company directly. It just makes transactions a lot easier and a lot more accurate as far as ship times and delivery times. I never really even had to do anything; they handled it all. They are one partner in my cannabis facility build that went very smoothly and how I wanted it to. I will definitely work with them in the future.

Chris Watt
Co-Founder, True Organics

Five Year Warranty Standard - Couldn’t Ask For Anything More

The customer service is one of the best I’ve ever dealt with. They are to the point, never leave you hanging, call to make sure you received the shipment and everything is working. Also they have a five year warranty standard, that’s the extended warranty with other companies. Saving me that much more money because it’s standard, which makes you realize they have something special. I couldn’t ask for anything more than all that.

Dustin Johnson
Owner/Operator, High Ground Farms

Extremely Pleased With Both Lights & Customer Service

TotalGrow Lights is just so easy to work and collaborate with from planning, ordering, and shipping. They are very good about being responsive and giving good technical background and information, on their website and talking with them, more information than most other grow light companies. Everything ordered came in well and seems very well made. I am extremely pleased with both the lights and customer service.

Grant Kokernak
Ecological Designer, Advanced Grow Labs

Helped Me Incorporate My Existing Lighting

TotalGrow is pretty seamless to work with, better than almost any company I've ever worked with. Their expertise starts in guiding you through the lighting plan development. They don't miss anything. They even helped me with incorporating my existing lighting, which wasn't their product. Honestly, probably the best lighting support I've ever dealt with. I definitely wish more companies could compare to their customer service.

Adrien Alvarez
Director of Cultivation, Stash Ventures

not sure if it fits your need?

We would rather learn the nuances of your goals, setup, challenges, and opportunities and guide you to the ideal lighting solution than have anyone take guesses that could be improved by expert feedback. Tell us what you want to accomplish and let us do the legwork to craft the plan!


Many electric utilities have incentive programs to help you afford energy-efficient upgrades like TotalGrow LEDs. As a Trade Ally with utilities across the county with extensive experience maximizing incentives for our customers and assisting utilities with their programs, we will explore what might be available to make your project more affordable or even fully paid for.